Think AV is a business provider of professional production services based in Cambridgeshire. We differentiate ourselves from other production companies by incorporating a very open, professional approach to the fulfilment of your needs.

With an extensive range of audio visual equipment, and a wealth of live event experience, our talented team of project managers and technicians are able to stage conferences, awards ceremonies and major launches. Our aim is to provide our client with a cost effective solution that does not compromise quality.


Here at Think AV we offer a full range of services. Maximising impact from the keenest of budgets, we will work with you every step of the way.

We aim to co-ordinate and effectively manage all of the different stages from conception, design and planning through to the implementation of the works on site.



Used intelligently, lighting can transform a room or stage set. Whether its a conference, exhibition, awards evening or a dramatic backdrop for a product launch. Lighting can focus audience attention, enhance mood and help convey your company branding. Our lighting designers will ensure your event is everything you want it to be and much more!

Using our range of professional sound equipment and experienced engineers, we deliver crystal clear audio to every seat in the house. A quality sound reduces listener fatigue and increases audience participation and event satisfaction. We have a vast stock of equipment to suit any type of venue and a wide range of events.

We produce high quality corporate video communications and have the capabilities to livestream your event. Using the latest technology for location video filming, we can edit the footage in state of the art digital suites to produce content in a format that suits your needs.


At Think AV we have in house designers who work with you to create distinctive designs for our bespoke stage set systems. We work hard to provide you with 3D rendered visuals, high end creative designs and an easy fluent experience.






For many conferences research posters are created to educate and inform the delegates, forming an important part of the academic programme. These posters used to be printed and displayed at the conference venues taking up a substantial amount of space. Our eposters are Ultra-High-Definition 4K, your delegates can view any posters in incredible clarity on a single display. 4K displays handle the finest detail and catch the eye in a way that printed media cannot. The whole installation works seamlessly as part of the conference.

Delegates expect to see much more interaction at events, wether that be from a traditional voting keypad, a BYOD (Bring your own device) app or a fully designed interactive event app on a tablet - we can make your event and experience they wont forget. Bringing the content to life, your delegates will be able to review speaker bios, presentations, polls, interactive venue maps and much more, all just a click away. The "Paperless" event is now here.


Depending on the venue infrastructure, we can support the most demanding events, from internet cafe's, to networking the main speaker preview to seminar rooms across the venue. Our IT and communications team provide bespoke solutions and dedicated technical support, and will advise you on how to meet your events IT objectives.

Whatever type of event you are staging, its visual impact will be a crucial factor in its success. Whether it's video mapping, seamlessly blended, or compact boardroom projectors - our comprehensive inventory of high performance machines will ensure the visual impact is sharp and precise.

Not all events require a large stand or stage set. Often a selection of banners or other graphics will be just as effective in creating a suitable backdrop for your event. Through our strategic partnerships within the industry, Think AV can offer full design and production capabilities for your event graphics and displays and couple it as a full service option with our event planning and production services.

Maximising impact from the keenest of budgets, we will work with you every step of the way. We aim to co-ordinate and effectively manage all the different stages from conception, design and planning through to the execution of works on site. We know that early liaison with ongoing detailed and timely communication, proving fundamental to the success of any project.

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